About Us

Smarter recorder built for audiophiles.

Rocket quality

Rocket Quality

Smarter recorder built for audiophiles

Not a drop of quality is lost during a youtube to mp3 recording and jet files are small because of latest compression algorithms we use.


Real Privacy

We don’t track you.

What you search for is your own business and we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why we don’t collect any personal information and therefore, have none to share.



Our Extended Team.

Our service is more than just servers and an algorithm. Our community directly contributes to recordmp3.co. Get involved in changing the future of video recording.

Audio quality for audiophiles

Every video you record by our service will have the original, top sound quality available. We achieve this by downloading largest video (4K or HD) and extracting sound from it. After this, we use lossless compression algorithm to make a sound file smaller without a loss in sound quality.

No quality selection? Not even 320kbps or 128kbps?

We use VBR encoding instead of CBR (which is used by most converters). VBR is short for variable bitrate. It's an encoding method that enables the bitrate of an audio file to dynamically increase or decrease. It helps us to provide best sound quality in the smallest file size. (Read more about CBR vs VBR Encoding differences)


Recordmp3.co is used by people around the world and legality depends on many factors like one's location and its laws. It's up to individual users to determine the legality of their activities.

For users in the United States, and countries with similar laws, Recordmp3.co is perfectly legal.

Recordmp3.co is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that lets you make personal recordings of publicly available media for later use and is protected by the Supreme Court's Betamax ruling (Sony Corporation of America vs Universal City Studios). For context, this is the same ruling that protects the millions of DVRs like Tivo in half of American households.